Measuring cellules

Categories of Technologies: Radio-electronic equipment
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Detailed information about the technology:
Measuring cellules designed to measure dielectric permittivity and study materials and substances electromagnetic parameters in centimeter- and millimeter-waves frequency range. Uses jointly with vector network analyzers (panoramic measuring devices of coefficients of reflection and transmission P4-type). Advantages: · calibration implements without construction dismantling · measurement implements without construction dismantling · it has sections-inserts for different aggregative states Measuring results processing and dielectric permittivity parameters calculating with software, that included in vector network analyzer package. Delivery variants: Measuring cellules in package with calibration measures Measuring cellules in package with calibration measures. Program and methods of measuring for work with vector network analyzer for corresponding frequency range Specifications Cellule size, mm23×10Rod diameter, mm2,5Measurement limits, ɛ90Measuring inaccuracy, %±3

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