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Generation of ultrasonic vibrations in liquids at a controlled level of cavitation activity. The system can be used for treating samples from fibrous, crystalline, powdery and other substances, for electron microscopic studies, for obtaining suspensions or emulsions from various substances, including nanoparticle suspensions, extraction, dispersion and in sound chemistry. Application areas Chemistry, sonochemistry, biology, medicine. Advantages It is possible to generate ultrasound in a wide range of oscillation amplitudes of the radiator and high reproducibility of cavitation modes. Technical characteristics Generator Consumption power, W 100. Output power adjustment range, % 10...100. Rated working frequency, kHz (MHz) 18...33 (0,8; 1,7). Maximum oscillation amplitude at a frequency of 22 kHz, µm 25. Cavitation generation modes pulsed, continuous. Diameters of the radiating surfaces of waveguides, mm 6; 8; 15. Material of waveguides titanium. Ultrasonic oscillation radiator (sonotrode). Material of the transducer piezoceramics. Rated working frequency, kHz 27. Dimensions, mm 200*60*60. Cavitometer Range of spectral analysis of cavitation noise, kHz…MHz 10...10. Power supply inbuilt rechargeable battery. USB connector +. Computer-connectable temperature sensor +. Temperature range of working frequency, °С 5...120. Dimensions, mm 200*100*37. Hydrophone Range of received signal, kHz…MHz .10...10 Diameter of reception part of the hydrophone, mm .3 Material of the transducer piezoceramics. Material of the hydrophone waveguide stainless steel. Data recording and processing software included. Recorded parameters cavitation activity; temperature. Selection of measurement scale automatically. Statistical processing of data done automatically. Duration of recording time dependences and constructing plots in real time scale, min, up to 30.

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