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Response to Oil and Oil Product Spills

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Detailed information about the technology:
Basic Functions of the Oil Absorbent AridGrow: • Rapid absorption and fixation of petroleum oils, fuel oil and other liquid hydrocarbon nonpolar nature of organic pollutants on the water and other surfaces; • Creation of a buffer (safety) zone off the coast, breakwaters, beaches, to prevent contamination of their oil being poured on the coast; • Cleaning up contaminated surfaces of piers, rocks, jetties, storage tanks, oily production facilities, as well as the removal of non-polar hydrocarbons with other surfaces; • Removal of thin (rainbow) films of hydrocarbon nature from the water surface; • Countering the oil surface water run-off in the aftermath of accidents on oil and fuel pipes, wells; • Express recultivation of the areas contaminated by petroleum products due to sorbents work as ameliorants and soil improvers; • Immobilization (binding) of petroleum products in the dumps slime storage on technological grounds, landfills etc., in order to prevent the ingress of oil into the ground waters. Properties of the Oil Absorbent AridGrow: • Non-toxic natural materials are exclusively made from natural peat on special reagent-free AridGrow® Technology. Ecologically pure natural organic sorbents, dark-brown by color, without a smell (particle size of 10-2000 microns, bulk density of 400-450 kg/m3); • Sterile, do not contain pathogenic germs and explosion proof. The fire hazard is similar to peat (self-ignition temperature 180°С); • Do not cause ecological disturbance in ecosystems, do not have detrimental effect on biotypes of various trophic level and do not lead to mutagenesis on a genetic level in biosphere objects. Are authorized by sanitary bodies to be applied as natural substances that do not require hygiene rating; • Do not have detrimental effect on the environment, because oil and other hydrocarbons, absorbed by sorbents, are fully retained by them, that allows to utilize used sorbents safely, and depuration of environment objects from oil products is going on naturally and is a complete environmentally friendly process; • Water repellent, do not get wet or dissolve in water. Spread quickly on a water surface, and in contact with oil serve as a barrier, narrowing contamination zones and absorbing oil irreversibly, preclude contaminant from spreading both in breadth and in depth; • Not less than 24-25 days flotation ability guarantees collection of the used sorbent by physical methods. In case of sedimentation, oil absorbed by a sorbent poses no threat, as is encapsulated inside the sorbent particles, where it incurs gradual biodegradation; • Highly efficient within the wide temperature range from -50°С to +50°С; Sorption velocity of oil products: stock-tank oil of medium viscosity at +20°С is 15-30 sec, gasoline and thin (iridescent) hydrocarbon films from water surface 1-2 sec, engine oil 5-8 sec. Oil absorption time at freezing temperatures increases up to 1-2 min; • Absorbing capacity on stock-tank oil of medium viscosity is 1,5-4 кg/кg (depends on contaminant’s properties & temperature); Disposal of used Absorbent and Oil Conglomerate: • There is NO NEED in special UTILIZATION of the used absorbent (conglomerate) and no more any environmental threat, because of keeping contamination within the absorbent particles in encapsulated form, where is their gradual biodegradation goes naturally not longer than 1 year. It can be used further as a Soil Ameliorant.

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