Категория продуктов: Красота и персональный уход
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The ghassoul or also known for his other name Rhassoul is a natural mineral clay and first people who got their hands on it were the people in Marocco. The ghassoul was used in ancient times as a beauty remedy by the women in Egypt, ancient Rome and ancient Greece. The ghassoul/rassol consists potassioum, sodium, silica, iron, lithium, magnesium, calcium and trace elements. When we’re talking about the ghassoul we’re talking about high quality clay that helps nourishing your skin. The ghassoul is mostly combined with water and this is the traditional way. In ancient times the ghassoul was mostly used on the whole body and many people still do it today. However, the ghassoul is mostly preferred as a skin care remedy. As a result of the rich content of vitamins and minerals ghassoul is really effective skin care remedy and provides many benefits. If you happen to face a problem with dead skin cells and you can’t find the perfect remedy to help you overcome that problem ghassoul is the solution for it. First and foremost due to the mild abrasive textures which after scrubbing it off you’re going to have soft and smooth skin. You can find many products on the market that “help” with oily skin but none of those products can compare with the ghassoul clay. Ghassoul clay helps with oily skin like no other and at the same time it stops pimples and blackheads from coming. You have many other benefits from ghassoul such as softening the skin, pores cleansing, pores tightening, fights dandruff. Another thing you can use the ghassoul for is hair care. Due to the products versatility it can help you overcome hair problems. In conclusion, ghassoul is extremely flexible and versatile skin care and hair care product and remedy. Many people have it in their daily care routine and rightfully so.

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