Sodium silicate hydrated powder

Категория продуктов: Химическое сырье
Цена: Договорная цена
Минимальный заказ: 0,7 т
Упаковка: big bags 0,7 т
Условия доставки: FCA
Полная информация о товаре:
Composition: Form: white fine crystalline powder without visible inclusions, that is a dry liquid glass in powder form and has the following physic- chemical parameters: Silicate module from 1,8 to 3,4 up to a customers order; Mass fraction of R2O3 oxides no more than 0,2%; Mass fraction of general alkalinity in terms of Na2O, no less than 15%l; Mass fraction of Silicon dioxide SiO2 no less than 51,0%; Mass fraction of general humidity no more than 20% Dissolution rate: Dissolves in water at proportion 1:2 (for 1 kg of dry powder dissolution 2 L of water at t =20 C is taken) in 10-15 min at constant stirring. The needed density of the liquid glass is adjusted by the powder concentration. The product is packed in polypropylene sacks of 25 kg and big-bags. As agreed with customer, other package variants are possible; Is easy to transport and store, does not require special containers, does not freeze, does not cake at long-time storage and does not lose its initial properties; Can be transported by any means of transport, that allows conducting logistic calculations for the promotion of the product on the internal and foreign markets. PURPOSE: For liquid glass production Is used: In textile industry as bleaching means for fabrics and yarns. In soap, fat, chemicals industry as a component for synthetic detergents and cleaners. In paint and varnish industry for the sikicate paints for facades, anticorrosive and fireproof coatings production. In the steel industry for the high-temperature adhesives for metal and casting forms production. In ceramics industry. For repair waterproofing works for oil and gas wells, for the combined silicate reagents of multifunctional action production, for drilling fluids preparation. In construction industry for dry building mixtures, fire-and heatresistant composition, heat insulation materials. In paper industry for paper bleaching and corrugated cardboard production. In the oil industry is used for sediment generative compositions as oil recovery enhancing technology.

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